Why Choose Us?


An extremely powerful detoxification method which eliminates pathogens from the body. Medical oxygen is converted into Ozone (O3), which is absorbed trans-dermally into the body during the 30 minute session in the Ozone steam cabinet. The third oxygen molecule found in O3, attaches itself to any diseased or irregular cells , and toxins are released through the skin. All cells of the body become highly oxygenated and far infrared effectively heals inflammation and sore muscles. Ozone fights bacteria and viruses and builds up the immune system. After the Ozone Therapy, your whole body will be warmed through and your tissues relaxed and your body ready to receive the gentle flow of water that will flush out your colon, leaving you with the ultimate sense of wellbeing and vitality.


Based on traditional Japanese medicine, it is often referred to as “reflexology for the body”. Shiatsu restores balance and harmony, physically, mentally and spiritually. A Shiatsu session after Ozone Therapy and will stimulate the vital pressure points in the body and promote the healing process.


This involves inserting needles into specific points on the ear. Stimulating these points promotes healing in other areas of the body. Ear acupuncture it is used to improve the body’s flow of vital energy (also known as chi or qi) and to restore a balance between yin and yang (two opposing but complementary energies) within the internal organs. In traditional Chinese medicine, each of these effects is considered essential to treating disease and achieving optimum good health. To name a few ailments,  ear acupuncture is used effectively  to enhance mood,  aid in smoking cessation, alleviate pain, depression  and  migraines, promote sounder sleep, relieve stress, and support weight loss.

Vivien Esterhuyse

Qualified International RICTAT- trained and accredited Colon Hydrotherapist